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end of an era?

My dad has decided to give up driving the race car.

He's 62 years old, has a pacemaker, severe spinal arthritis, and hasn't seemed comfortable in the car since the accident two years ago. It's the right decision, but i know it's got to be hard for him to give it up. He's raced since the '60s.

My brother, who currently has a license to drive the car, currently writes for National Dragster, which is owned by NHRA. As an employee of NHRA, he's not allowed to race, and there are other issues preventing him from driving.

I have less experience than my brother, and am not licensed (yet) in that class. Maybe someday i'll drive, but I'll be the first to admit that i'm not ready.

So we've hired a driver for Pomona, Kurt Kuhns. I don't know him personally, but he's an experienced racer.

I want to drive that car someday ...
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