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if i come back with frostbite ...

So today I fly to Denver.

I packed and repacked over and over last night, thanks to my eternal paranoia about forgetting something important. I have to remind myself constantly that as long as i have insulin and my credit card, I will be fine.

I went to Target in search of gloves and found that all of their winter stuff is gone. Bikinis were out on display. fuckers. it's freezing.

I'm procrastinating again. I should be in the shower, Michael is picking me up in a little while, we're going to lunch (trying The Veggie Grill), and then I'm off to the airport.

Steph assures me that I will have intarweb access for the weekend, and I'll have my cell (though it may not be on all the time).

oh, and i love this site - The Sloganizer. Why? because it gives me things like "So Easy, No Wonder Kasey is #1."
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