kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

is this not usual?

I don't think anyone in this town has ever seen purple hair before.

I'm not driving, even though Steph left me her keys. There's ice on those roads. So everywhere I've gone, I walk. I've made three trips out today, and I've been stopped every time with some comment about my hair.

At the bar last night, within minutes of sitting down, two women had come up to ask about my hair. One was a hairdresser with legitimate questions (which i don't mind), the other was just a drunk chick who just had to touch it.

Why do people feel the need to touch the hair? it's just hair ... it feels like hair. a little dry, but that's the weather. I'll never understand that.

in other news, playing in snow was fun, right up until i tried to walk on a snowbank, sank up to my hips, and wound up with boots full of snow. I yelped all the way up the stairs into the apartment.
Tags: vacation

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