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Very Interesting ...

kittenavenger 102%
eamajyn 98%
arakrune 98%
chatrient 95%
dreamnowandthen 95%
johnangel 91%
stephinextremis 91%
sturmcrow 90%
miss_geek 85%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Spent my evening at TC ... odd vibe there for quite a bit of the night, but a pleasant night, nonetheless ...

resisted the temptation to show off the new shiny things to everyone ... spent periods of time in a defensive position making sure no one hugged me too tightly or bumped into me ...

lots of good conversations going around tonight ... i love talking to intelligent beings ... lots of fun, happy, laughing conversation.

I meant to go home tonight, but I stayed out later than I planned, and now I don't want to drive all the way home. So I'm here, still ... at least my family is gone. and tomorrow ... I swear I'm going to wash my car. Probably. And then to work ... and then to home ...

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