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not again ...

Well, I feel craptacular.

I left work wednesday morning feeling somewhat under the weather. I woke up wednesday night, congested, sneezy, coughing, and feeling like I aspirated gasoline. Briefly, I considered calling around to see if someone would cover for me, but I knew that wouldn't happen. Off I went, kleenex in hand.

Good thing I didn't bother ... someone else had already called out, and all the people I had considered calling had already been called and weren't able to come in. Surgery after surgery, the whole month has been hemoabdomens and GI foreign bodies, last night no exception. Rubber bands, splenic tumors, socks and dish towels. I pushed my way through the night, and went to breakfast with Kate afterward. Our breakfasts are always fun ... even when we just bitch about work.

And why am I still up, you ask? Because I am now testing my blood sugar ridiculously often to get the insulin pump regulated. I need to drop off an rx for test strips at my pharmacy, which doesn't open until 1000. The inconvenience of being a grave shift girl ... I'd so rather just be curled up with a warm blanket in my bed, but i'll be responsible today.

Michael is coming up today, I hope sooner rather than later. I'd rather curl up with him more than anything.
He wants to move to Colorado too, someday.
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