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The race this weekend was an interesting experience. New driver, a couple new crew guys, and the constant crowd of people in our pit area that always happens at Pomona.

There are two guys that came along with the new driver - nice guys, they can handle a wrench - but we've got our routine, and it's a bit tricky, finding ways to work around each other. I feel like I'm stepping over people to get my work done. At one point, I actually was - trying not to accidentally step on my brother while changing a burst panel because the other two guys were in my way one the other side, doing i don't know what. But I don't know them well enough to tell them to move ...

I'm sure it will just take some getting used to. Like looking at the qualifying sheets and not immediately being able to see where we are at because it says "Kuhns" and not "Littlefield".

We didn't do great this weekend, more bad luck than anything else. First run, we went a bit conservative. Second run, we lost a burst panel near the finish (why i was changing it later). Third run, we had a thrash to change the heads. Everything seemed to go smoothly, right up until the burnout.

As the car was backing up, oil started dripping from underneath. The starter shut us off at the line. That was our last chance to qualify. Our first run had put us close, but just outside the field.

So it was disappointing, but we're happy with the new driver, and the car seems to have the potential to perform. Next race is Phoenix in three weeks, we'll see how it goes.
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