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Surprise relatives

After work the other night, I went to my parents house, as I needed to take care of some stuff in OC during the day. When I walked in the house, I was hit with the smell of coffee, a definite rarity in my mom's house. An old man I don't recognize is sitting at the dining room table, drinking his coffee and reading the paper.

I had a brief moment of "am i in the right house? did they sell it while I was gone?" thinking.

Come to find out that my Great-Aunt Nancy and Great-Uncle Doyle, who I haven't seen in 14 years, showed up on my mom's doorstep the other day, in the middle of their summer travels and needing a place to stay for a couple nights. Much rearranging was done very quickly, and they camped out in my brother's room, my brother moved to the up-stairs couch, and I got shuffled to the small guest room. No big deal, though, it all worked out. Only Flea was slightly traumatized.

It was really nice to see them. Last time I saw them, my mom and I travelled to their ranch in Texas for a family reunion/barbeque. This time, they were amazed to find that I am now a vegetarian. Pictures were taken of me looking awesome in my scrubs, me and my mom, me and my brother (who I don't think had ever met them before, and was even more weirded out than I was). We all bonded over old country music. I left for work that night with an invitation to come stay at the ranch anytime, which I may or may not take them up on. I probably should, they're old and will die soon.

My mom embarrassed me by telling them all about my eyeball collection. Of all things to discuss over dinner ...

Have I mentioned that I love <3 my new job?

Well, I do. I'm seriously thinking about going over full time.
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