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doctors fuck me up ... again.

I should know better than to even deal with doctors.

I go in yesterday, and they download all the info from my insulin pump. My insulin pump takes all my numbers and makes nice little charts and graphs and trends of what my blood sugars are for any given time period. It would work beautifully if I didn't work nights and flip my schedule amost completely on the weekends.

Because of my disorganized life, my numbers are unreadable as a pattern, but I'll be damned if that woman wasn't determined to make some sense of them. my insulin to food ratios were changed, I'm on different rates at different times of day, and the amount of insulin i'm getting was jacked up about 25%.

They also implanted into me a device that will monitor my blood sugars for 72 hours. This thing is not comfortable, the insertion was not comfortable, and in the shower i now have to wear a baggie from a strap around my neck to keep it dry. I really needed another medical device attached to my abdomen. All I really need is some cat5 coming from my spinal cord.

The immediate result of all of this? I went home, made dinner, gave insulin as directed, and had the worst hypoglycemia I've had since starting the pump, and have to fight all night at work to keep my sugar elevated. While leaning over to pick up a beagle, the glucose sensor tried to come out, bending in my skin and leaving me screeching in pain. Great fun. This is not going to work out well.

Saddest thing is, I don't even have any juice to mix with my vodka to make myself feel better about everything. I'm actually sitting here wondering how well vodka would go with Diet Mountain Dew.

Michael's car got broken into and damaged this weekend, and I feel bad about it. He was up here for me, parked on the street because getting into and parking in my complex is a bitch. I've been talking for months about getting him a gate clicker, but I never got around to it, and now this.

This week, I will go get a gate clicker for him. No more lagging on that. I'm lucky enough that he comes up here to see me, and I should at least give him that much consideration (and not think about the fact that my old car was parked next to the house when it was broken into).

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