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Thirteen years ago today ....

Thirteen years ago today, Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer.

If you haven't taken the time to search out some Bill Hicks and listen to his rants, you really should. I don't care for many commedians, but he was more than that ... a revolutionary thinker, a social commentator, unafraid of sacred cows.


I called new job last night to see if they'd have full time hours available for me if I chose to come over. They do.

Things will be changing soon, I believe.

I tried to send a letter to my friend in jail, but it was returned. I was dumb and wrote it on colored paper. Stupid jail mail rules.

Michael went home last night, and I miss him like I do every week. My next two weekends are race weekends (Phoenix and Tuscon) so I won't get a lot of time with him for a while.

I am kinda glad that I will be busy for the next few weekends, as i think it will be a while before my liver recovers from this last one.
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