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bad news, all around

My mom's dog, Harley, is in the hospital. I've been telling her for a week that the dog seems "off", that he should be looked at. I tried to take him to work with me Sunday night, but she didn't want me to do that.

So she finally takes him in this morning to her RDVM - he's badly dehydrated, has lost 2# (10% weight), and needed to stay all day on IV fluids. They were going to leave him overnight on fluids, but I'm of the opinion that that is never a good idea, and talked her into transferring to the local emergency clinic to stay on his fluids.

So I'm taking Flea and packing up to stay a day or two down there, at least until I find out what is wrong with Harley. Bloodwork is pending.

Two of my friends are now in jail. Anyone else want to commit some felonies, i don't write nearly enough letters as it is.

I just read that The Locust is playing next month. Who wants to see some grindcore??? You know you'll like it.
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