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ranty time

I was supposed to leave for Phoenix, in the truck, at 0100 today. I jacked up the whole day for both myself and michael so that I could get some sleep, run some errands, pack, and take care of the animals before leaving.

I get everything loaded into the car at 2330 and head off to my parents house - an hour from mine. Five minutes before I get there, I get a phone call from my mom - "don't hurry, the trailer brakes are messed up and now your dad isn't going to go."

I won't even get into the details about how the trailer brakes are a constant problem and should have been dealt with months ago, or how maybe an hour before we are supposed to leave isn't the best time to start checking things.

So I stomped around the house a bit, realized quickly that nothing I did there would change the fact that we didn't have a working trailer and would not be going to Phoenix. So i went home went to a liquor store, bought a big bottle of vodka, and then went home. On the way I called work and was able to get re-scheduled for my sunday shift that I had taken off, so this weekend isn't a total loss. And hey, I'll at least get to see Babyland tomorrow.

And I still quit my job today. It's the little things that make me happy.

Hopefully the trailer will be fixed before the Tuscon race next week.
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