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ten years in a paragraph

Some days I want to write every thought that goes through my brain, other days, I don't want to write down anything at all.

But the reason I started writing out my life is for nothing other that to help my own faulty memory, and for that purpose I make myself write when I otherwise wouldn't at all.

My 10 year high school reunion is coming up soon. I feel so old ... I probably am. I debated whether or not to go, but I've definitely got something to prove to those fuckers that I went to school with. If there were yearbook categories for "most hated" or "most likely to OD" ... well, I would have gotten a few more pages in the yearbook than I ended up with.

Anyway, I was asked to submit a pic and short bio for a booklet the reunion committee is putting together. The pic was fairly easy - I found the pic showing the most fishnet, cleavage, and purple hair (see icon, but with a better crop). The bio took me the better part of the afternoon.

How do I summarize ten years? "So, shortly after graduation, my parents threw me out of the house. I was homeless for a time, got involved with punks, eventually lived in poverty level apartments all over orange county. Slept around. Managed to escape jail time thanks to the great efforts of others. Only lost my driver's license for one year. Broke leg in fight, lost job, moved home, got sober(ish). Slept around some more. Bought a house, collected some cats, got drag race license and RVT. Drink a lot."

The version I submitted sounds a lot nicer than that.

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