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My mom wants to vote for John Edwards because she likes his southern accent.

I asked her to please not vote.

Barring complications, I'm leaving for Tuscon in the morning after work. It's going to be a long drive, so hopefully I can sleep through most of it. If I can't, I've got lots of letters to write anyway. I've got my laptop with me, so if the hotel has wireless i'll be online.

I'm looking forward to this race - I need a break. I've been unbearable cranky at everybody.

Things are going good with the new job. I'll start full time there soon, as will some people that are coming with me. I may end up switching to swing shifts, if only temporarily.

A girl who had been on leave for a while came back last night to work, and I can't say that she's on my list of favorite people. One night, and she annoys me.

Harley's kidney disease is doing ok, his renal values have come down. However, an exam and echocardiogram show that he has some element of mitral valve failure and secondary myocardial dialation (i.e. heart failure). Poor old man ... nothing we have to really treat right now, but lots of stuff to keep an eye on.

He's staying home with Michael this weekend.
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