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so many things feel dirty today

I bought this Swiffer thing for my kitchen floor. It's pretty nifty, it sprays saop-water on the floor and mops it up. It's all i really need to clean the little bits of linoleum in my house.

However, it amuses me greatly that I am cleaning my floors with what appears to be a maxi-pad on a stick. The refill thingie looks like nothing else. someone made millions off this idea, folks.

I was in the grocery store this afternoon, picking up some stuff for the weekend. While in the beer aisle, I felt the stare .... turn, and see the pair of straight-edge kids - t-shirts, tattoos, and all - watching me intently. I slunk out of the aisle, feeling rather dirty, like a mormon caught me masturbating or something.

I'll enjoy that beer more than they'll ever enjoy their sober righteousness.

The weather tonight was more perfect than it has ever been ... glowy twilight, warm-but-not-hot, a bit of a breeze ... i get like two of these days a year.

One more night of work, then Michael is coming up here. I don't know what we're doing this weekend, but i'm sure it'll be better than working.

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