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I'm getting a hedgehog!!!

a three legged one, even. Megan from work apparently has one that needs a home. I couldn't pass it up. It has no name, and I need to come up with something besides Sonic.

in other news, who knew that things could burn so badly in a crock pot? I thought I had found a safe way to cook. Now the whole house smells of burned broccoli.

I may not need to wait as long for health insurance at the new job as i had worried. They're going to count the time I've worked part-time there as a portion of my 90 day waiting period. So I've only got to manage to not get sick for a month or so. It's really great that they're being flexible on that.

And my fear about not seeing ventilator patients ever again was apparently unfounded ... cat went into respiratory arrest last night, and we had to set up their ventilator, which apparently gets used about twice yearly. It wasn't fun, exactly, but it was interesting.
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