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Management can bite my ass.

Last night at work was so incredibly frustrating.

We still don't have a regular doctor since they fired Dr. Harris. The relief vet last night was a total dick. And a total dick with a thick Pakistani accent, so he would bark orders at me, and I would stare blankly at him because I couldn't understand a word he said. He was complaining at us all night because half the equipment we have doesn't work. Yeah, it sucks, management won't fix anything, but yelling at us won't fix it. We're stuck working with what we have.

We weren't even busy last night. Maybe six patients in the hospital. Checking everybody out in the morning was so difficult, though. I had to charge one guy $707 that he hadn't been quoted for ... he had been told what we were going to do, but no one made him an estimate or took a deposit ... he came in expecting to pay around $200 ... needless to say, he was pissed. Then the check machine wouldn't work. So I'm probably going to get written up for taking a $700 check without authorization, but I don't care.

Then, a woman with an $800 balance told me she came with no forms of payment, and wanted to apply for credit. Which is fine, but I need to know this in advance ... the credit process takes like an hour. So she applies, gets approved for credit, and I run it through the machine, and the machine for that credit system decides it doesn't want to work.

At this point, I want to tear my hair out. I've been trying to get anyone from management on the phone, and no one is answering ... the doctor that is on is no help, he doesn't even do his own estimates. I'm the most experienced receptionist there and the other two girls on with me had no ideas. So I'm in between that rock and the hard place ... I made the best decisions I could under the circumstances. Management can bite my ass.

Speaking of management ... the promotion I was told I was getting? I was told to call last week to work out the details. Well, my boss avoided my calls all last week. I find out Saturday that the job was given to someone else. That's fine, I see the reasoning, the guy who got the job is about $4 an hour cheaper than I am. He can work full time and I can't. That's all fine. What pisses me off is that my boss told me that I had the job, and then hid from me, didn't even have enough respect for me to tell me that it went to someone else.

So I called Kathy this morning. She manages Central. I asked her if there were any openings ... she told me Dr. Harris is the one that's doing the hiring. That's good for me ... she wants me over there. So Kathy tells me to call Dr. Harris in a couple days. I talked to her tonight. Kathy didn't tell her yet that she's doing the staffing. So management is fucked everywhere I go. But I have an in over there ... Dr. Harris asked me what shifts I want. I told her I'm pretty open, as long as it works around my school schedule.

I know this is just one big rant about my job, but it's a huge issue of stress in my life right now, and I had to get it out. Someone wish me luck.

I almost want to go out tonight, just for some comfort and company. But it's monday, so I won't.


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