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do you know a seagull?

Another day, another frustrating doctor visit.

"So what time do you wake up every day?"
"Every day? It changes."
"Well, on a typical day."
"Four days a week, i wake up anywhere between 1400 and 1830. The other three days vary dramatically."
"So on your days off, do you sleep at night or in the daytime?"
"It depends ..."

Repeat ad nauseum with questions about mealtimes, foods, activity levels, etc..

I finally had to stop the old guy and say, "Look. My life does not run on any sort of a set schedule. I wake up when I need to, I eat what I want when I'm hungry. I cannot put this into a pattern for you."

I'm a bad diabetic, and i don't give a damn.

And I woke up early for this?
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