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Time change

The emergency clinic opens this week. What this means for me is that instead of just taking care of the surgical patients overnight (no small task), we'll be doing that in addition to taking in and treating emergency patients. We'll have a dedicated emergency doctor overnight in addition to the interns, and more overnight technician staff.

So what does this mean to me? Not very much, really. It's the same type of work I've done forever. The only change for me is a change in hours - beginning this week, i'll be working 2130-0800 instead of 2000-0630. I like getting home earlier, but I also like having a few more hours in the
evening to get things done. Important things, you know, like watching Law & Order, lying around in my pajamas, and playing on the interweb. Hell, I may even start making appearances at my favorite coffeeshop before work again! Cause I know everyone missed me.

Michael left this morning, and I miss him ... hopefully he'll be back up here soon. I've got a race this weekend, though, so i don't know how much time i'll have to see him. But some is better than none at all ...
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