kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

squirrels and bad luck

Very slow nights at work lead to long, surreal conversations about squirrels. Squirrels walking the long, tragic, Trail of Squirrel Tears.

I was almost on the ground laughing (as close as i've ever come to a real-life ROFL) with tears in my eyes. Some of the people I work with are really fun.

so ... michael came up here tonight, a day earlier than usual ... and having the awesome luck that he does, parked illegally and got his car towed. No more than twenty minutes after arriving, he walked outside to find his car gone.

Eventually we figured out that it had been towed and not stolen, so that was a relief. But there's something to deal with tomorrow.

I was going to do stuff today ... but i slept all day. Oh well, i needed it.
Tags: work

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