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my baby brother in my racecar

Yesterday, Michael and I went out to California Speedway at Fontana. We were there for the Andy Robles Memorial Race - primarily a Jr. Dragster (kid's class) event, with ourselves and three other Alcohol Funny Cars.

We were there simply as an exhibition class - put the car on display, make a couple easy runs. Not even the full length of the track, just 1/8 mile. A show for the kids.

My parents made the decision to put my brother in the car. He can't race at NHRA events, because he's an employee of NHRA. But there's no prohibition on him making non-competition runs. It's been nearly a year since he has had a chance to make any sort of run at all.

He did well. The first run was a little shaky, the car was over-revved at the start and he rolled it through the staging beams. But he made his run anyway, and kept the car going where it was supposed to go. The second run was much better - he staged well, left very well, and did exactly what he was supposed to do. In fact, even though it wasn't really a competition, he beat the driver in the other lane.

So I'm super proud of him. Envious, too, but that's always there.

I do have an advocate, however. The driver for our car, Kirk Kuhns, is now on a campaign to get my dad to at least let me have a chance in the car. I don't know whether he's doing it because he's a nice guy, because he actually thinks i can do it, or because he likes stirring up trouble, but for the first time ever I feel like I maybe have a chance to drive that thing.

But then my brother says "If you put her in that car, you won't have a crew left." Which is probably true - no one wants to crew for a girl.

I think Michael gets why I love working on that car so much, or at least how much i love it. The car could be my whole life and i'd be okay with that. I'd give up just about anything to stay with the racecar.
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