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Two days of mostly sleep and a little bit of cleaning and drinking have left me feeling a bit refreshed. I've got a small trip planned for next weekend (hot sun, mountain roads, abandoned motels, dying lake) and that gives me something to look forward to.

Tonight I'm driving down to Whittier to see Cryss' new band play. I have little hope that they will be good or that I will actually enjoy it, but there will be beer and old friends and that's really why i'm going. Last time I saw Cryss was in the fenced in yard of the Doll Hut in Anaheim, after a show. I don't even remember who played. Justin showed up. Old roommates were there, and it was raining. One of those odd, odd nights.

Anyway, up until then I don't know what I'm going to do. I need to do some more cleaning, but that's the neverending project. and laundry. always the laundry. how do i wear so many clothes???
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