kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

a good morning

I'm happy every time I learn more about that car. Camshafts, yay! Pulled the motor out last night, remarkably without complications, except for when my brother tried to scare me with a dead spider.

work is full of odd animals.

there's the cat that keeps filling up with air and has to be burped.

there's the great dane that's easygoing and sweet except that every now and then he tries to ... well, it could be said that there are some sexual harassment issues.

and there's also the wolf hybrid - sweet as pie to people, gives kisses and wants belly rubs, but wants to eat every other animal in the hospital and would chew through walls to get at them.

it's getting to be river season again, and i'd like to get out there, regardless of my unfitness for bikini wearing. escapism wins again.

my feet are sock-clad and elevated. the cat is sprawled out next to me on the couch. the beer is cold. me and all the animals are fed and happy. it's a good morning.
Tags: animals, work

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