kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

faults of my cat and faults of my own

Goyle has many, many bad habits. Most are my own fault - he's been spoiled and indulged since I brought him home from the National Cat Protection Society as an eight-week-old kitten, just a little over eight years ago. He's allowed on the tables, the counters, the couches, the bed. He demands, and usually gets, a portion of whatever i am eating. Goyle does no wrong here.

However, he's got a new habit that's starting to irritate me. My coffee table is several things - it's my desk, my workstation, my dinner table. I have more appropriate places for these things, but that's just how it works out. So there are usually many things on the table - papers, glasses, empty bottle, collected junk. Goyle has taken to jumping up to the middle of the coffee table, lying down, and then stretching out in the manner only a cat can do, expanding to several times his original size. He then reaches his stubby legs out, and I do believe he finds it a challenge to knock as many things off of the table as possible.

This is driving me crazy. Every day, everything on the floor.

But how could I discipline the cat that can do no wrong?

Other than Goyle's new bad habit, everything seems the same, every day. March blended into April into May and soon into June, and nothing changes. To work, to home, to sleep, wake up, feed animals, repeat. See boyfriend every sixth and seventh day. Run dishwasher twice weekly, laundry twice - one of scrubs and one of everything else. Get a paycheck every two weeks, send it out in bills and car payments the same day it comes in. Talk and talk and talk about all the things i'd rather be doing - we'd rather be doing - but in the end it's all talk and we go nowhere, and i fall asleep in my clothes after too many drinks and too little motivation.

it's getting really fucking old. i need to - i will - make something happen.
Tags: animals

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