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Ever get the feeling that you're being watched?

Michael dragged me (kicking and screaming) out of the house last night to go see some of his high school friends. A risky move on his part - putting me, in an antagonistic, anti-social mood after moving his stuff all afternoon, in the middle of a crowd of strangers with about three hours warning. I dug up an outfit and some makeup from my mom's house, bought some nylons, and did my best to get properly put together. I was warned to behave and play nice on our way out there.

I could have said no, stayed in. But I've dragged him to enough of my events - usually rooms full of people that I know and he doesn't - that I figured it was only fair to reciprocate.

Amazingly enough, I had fun. Nice people, a little free booze, and new ammunition to use on Michael made it worth going outside. And I found out I'm being internet-stalked! of all the funny things!

So that was my social for a while. If anyone needs me for the next month or two, I'll be inside.
Tags: friends, fun, love

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