kasey (allthingsshiny) wrote,

oh, it's what you do to me

It's been a shitty, shitty day. I'm not even going to get into it, except to say that I didn't go anywhere I was wanting to go, cue mild to moderate nervous breakdown.

But I walk out to the mailbox, and find five(!) postcards and a letter! Three posties from ecc101, who has been nice enough to collect postcards for me as he drives a truck around the country. Thanks to him, I now know how to cook rattlesnake (should it ever become necessary). One from my brother, currently in Australia working as a crewperson for Ron August while he's on tour down there. One from Scarlette, sent while she was on vacation in Ireland. And a letter from Danny, including my visitor authorization. Central Valley, here I come!

Postcards make me all kinds of stupid happy. I don't know why for sure, but I love having a little bit of connection to a place and a moment ... my escapism at work again.

Right now I have chips, salsa, and mexican beer. I think I'm going to pretend I'm on a beach somewhere.
Tags: friends

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