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in a can?

Tonight, I went to the local super-ghetto grocery store and discovered a whole new section. Canned vegetarian. Not canned vegetables, but canned vegetarian. All the products - Worthington and Morningstar stuff - normally in the fridge or freezer, but in cans. Stashed in between kosher and asian food at the Food4Less.

I had to document this.

The directions on this were interesting. To prepare this, I would have to open both ends of the can, slide the loaf of veggie-burger out in one piece, and slice the veggie-burger-loaf into individual veggie burgers.

My first thought was "who puts gravy on fried chicken???" followed shortly after by "who eats fried chicken FROM A CAN???"

"Hey kids, get the can opener, I'm firing up the grill!"
Now the "Super-Links" are described as "a delicious vegetarian alternative to hot dogs" while the "Vega-Links" are simply "vegetarian hot dogs". Which one would you buy?

Many of the products didn't really seem to emulate any particular type of meat, but were simply vaguely meat shaped vegetable protein products.

Has anybody tried this stuff? I think I'll stick with my frozen veggie corn dogs for now.
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