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waiting for myself

Ack. Sitting here, wanting something to happen ... nothing will happen unless I do something ... too tired to move, cause I couldn't sleep last night, and I finally got to sleep about 9 am, then the stupid fucking mailman had to ring the doorbell to drop a box off, and freaked the dog out and woke me up, and then the dog got out and I ended up chasing him all over the damn complex.

And I have perfected the run-on sentence ...

Was supposed to go shopping with stephinextremis today, but I would have had to wake up on time to do that ...

Tonight, out somewhere, then work ... maybe gypsy den, probably TC. I don't like Gypsy Den so much ... too expensive, too crowded, and I hate the Lab. I'm comfy at TC. Don't know who's gong to be around tonight, though. Andy is going to Manniquin, Marge is boycotting ... Ben said he'd be there ... Hope to see Michael ... I sent an e-mail, with no response as of yet. Boy is so hard to reach sometimes ...

I sent out the e-mail for Friday yesterday ... haven't received much response as of yet. Interesting to see who shows up.

Ok ... going to get off of my ass and do something. I don't want to be here.

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