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wine country. without the wine.

So .. my trip to Sonoma.

the good:

I had fun. Tons of fun. I saw some friends, drank some beer (Australian and otherwise), the Augusts were really accommodating, it was kinda nice to be able to actually watch a race.

Brad got me into the ESPN studio via his friend Lewis Bloom, the stats guy. So I sat in the booth and watched first round of nitro while Mike Dunn and Paul Page did the commentary next to me. It was quite awesome to see how they did it.

Sonoma is my favorite track - two races a year has made it familiar, and even sitting in traffic trying to get in is beautiful:

The car i was hanging out with did moderately well. Qualified with a 5.58, and went to the second round.

the bad:

Despite our confirming the rooms, and calling to make sure that they knew we would be coming in late, the room was still given away. So fuck Travelodge. Luckily, Ron was able to put us up - if he wasn't, we would have been really fucked. Ron's house was an hour from the racetrack, but that wasn't that big a deal.

What did suck was ... well, it's my own fault. My hair stains everything purple. bathtubs, towels, hands. Everytime it gets soap on it, some color leaches out. Ron's house is perfect - pristine, everything white, it looked like a model home.

I didn't dare wash my hair all weekend.

Despite my SPF 50, i'm pretty darkly tanned and my face is a little burnt. I had my hair in pigtails all weekend, and my scalp is badly sunburnt. that hurts.

The ESPN booth thing was so awesome - but i took my sunglasses off to put the headset on, and never saw them again. my pretty oakleys, gone.

Kate Harker's crash was scary.

the worst:

i had to come home.

There's a race there this weekend again (a smaller "divisional" race, as opposed to last weekend's "national" event). I wish i could go - if it was a friday-saturday race, i could - but i don't have this sunday off.

I really didn't want to come back. I think my job is killing me, and i suppose i need to start looking for a new one, getting my resume together.

Not even just the job - I'm not sure I'm cut out for graveyard shifts anymore. I adapt so easily to sleeping at night and waking up in the daytime on the weekends, and it's so hard to go back to staying up all night. I think it's contributing to my depression.
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