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"He is not allowed to meat-slap me any more!"

We were going to go out and have dinner and watch a movie, but i didn't feel like eating and the movie didn't start at a convenient time, so I started drinking and we went to TC instead.

I hardly ever show up there anymore. Like I told Sammy's brother, "It's like Christmas, except everyone hates it." But it was fun, and i don't think anyone really hated it. Joe and Zach and Michael were ganging up on me. Nicholas tried to and failed. Poor boy just doesn't know.

There were wars of pennies. It's all fun and games until Michael starts throwing quarters at my head ...

So we left there in Michael's nifty rental Malibu (his radiator blew up or some such thing, hence the rental) and back to my parents house. The family is all gone this weekend, so we got more beer and watched The Departed - a great movie, but depressing. It was nice to see Michael, I hardly ever get the chance anymore. Me working tonight doesn't help.
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