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I lag so bad ...

I've been up since two and have gotten nothing accomplished ... well, I did some laundry and smoked some cigarettes ... that's not really so much, I only did the laundry because I am completely out of nice underwear and it had to be done.

I should be getting ready ... I'm going to go see Season play her keyboard and sing tonight, and that should be all sorts of happy. From what I read, lots of people are going to be there. Well, most of us, anyway.

But I am here in front of my computer, smoking another cigarette out of habit ... listening to bad punk rock and watching some dorky guy in a bow tie talk on the science channel with the sound muted ... now he's wearing swimming goggles and sitting in a bathtub and I cannot figure out why ...

Went to Harbor House last night after work. Cool place, and I have the feeling I have been there before, but maybe years ago. Back when my memory was worse for many reasons ... I get deja vu often, I spent so long in a haze i have fuzzy memories of many places.

Anyway, it was fun. Met up with eamajyn, dreammadeflesh, Lisa, and Darrin. Much strange conversation ensued ... the things that Lisa says, and the things that Season says in such deadpan manner ... some crazy drunk was asking me about my hair outside, and then I went to Michael's and we watched Fargo. Great movie ... so brutal, but in that nice midwestern way.

I start school on Monday, and I'm so scared ... but I will make myself go. I have to go before my class to the bookstore and get whatever texts I need ... I don't even know what books I'm supposed to have ... I will make myself do this.

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