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Ha ha honey, ain't it funny

Maybe going to the Reagan Youth show while sick with what seems to be a sort of influenza wasn't the best idea, but i wouldn't have missed it for the world. I told myself that I'd stay in the back, that I wouldn't even go near the front and the pit and the stage, but I knew I was lying to myself as soon as i walked in there.

I paid for it, i'm still paying for it, but I saw Reagan Youth.

I also hung out with Scotty all weekend, and had fun times with cheap beer and nostalgia. We dug out the box of old pictures and had some great laughs at ourselves and our old friends. Saturday afternoon, before the show, both of us went to Heather's for Aasta's first birthday party. I spent most of my time in the backyard, avoiding the children, drinking beer, and trying to pretend that I wasn't sick.

Sunday I was hurting, weak and coughing and gasping. Michael was sweet enough to come take care of me. He brought me a sandwich and made me tea, and let me nap curled up to him until late into the night. I had to go to work eventually, and i'm not quite sure how i made it through the night. I'm done.
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