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Have I mentioned that my neighbor is crazy?

The batty old woman that lives next door (and has been a relatively unobtrusive neighbor up until the last few months) has been knocking at my door in the mornings, starting a few months ago and more and more frequently lately.

Her complaint, only coming up on nights i work, is that there is a noise coming from my condo.
The first time she mentioned it, i thought i had possibly left a computer or the a/c on. I apologized, and promised to make sure everything was off when i went to work. The next time she complained, a few weeks later, i was a bit puzzled, but again promised to make sure everything was turned off before i left.

This happened more and more often, and I searched the house for anything that would be making noise while I was gone. Then it got weirder - she rang my doorbell mid-day until i woke up and came downstairs in my robe, and said that she thought the noise was coming from that "machine" i have in the back bedroom, which she supposedly saw through the window.

The only thing in the back bedroom is a litterbox, a cat tree, and a Ministry poster - all of which maintain their silence.

I told her so, and she said "no, the machine on the ceiling of the room - it looks like a fan, it's always on!"

There's nothing on my ceiling in there but a water stain.

I told her that I was pretty sure that the "noise" that only happens when I'm gone doesn't come from my condo, and she should investigate otherwise. She didn't like this, and stomped off.

She came back this morning. Angry this time. Same complaint, same unidentifiable "noise" that only comes from my condo, and only when I'm not here. It's been a long day, and I was maybe just a little short with her, but i'm sick of this. I told her that there's no noise, i'm not even here, nothing is on, and she needs to figure something else out. She gets pissed. Going on about how she can't sleep. "I don't know what to tell you," i say. "No one is here at night."

"Oh yes there is," she says. "I hear people going in and out all night! I can hear your door opening and closing all the time when you aren't here!"

For half a second, i was mildly concerned. People in my house? at night? But there are no people in my house at night, unless michael has developed the habit of driving here and back for no reason at all every night. I live in BFE. Nothing is missing, nothing is out of place when I get home. And all the voices my bird repeats are familiar.

I wanted to tell the crazy bitch exactly how crazy i thought she was, but she'd already stomped off. you can imagine my disappointment.

I had my review at work. I was ready for complaints, reports of conflict, tales of lessons I would need to learn before any advancement was possible. I got a glowing review and a nice raise, which makes it harder to want to quit. WTF, people??? Another hospital has left me messages about coming in for an interview, and now i'm just not sure.

damn confusedness. I don't know what to do.

but that review was glowing.

and in other news, I'm finally getting my cracked windshield fixed, after a year of it having a gigantic crack down the middle. They're replacing it on Monday. I have something to look forward to, finally.
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