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No Texas

Well, no Dallas. It was a long shot, we can't get in, but there will be other races.

It's ok. I'm going back to the river that weekend instead. I'll have some fun one way or another, right???

Tonight's my last night at work. Immediately after my shift, I'm driving from Irvine to Hemet to try this day practice out. I'm pretty optimistic on the whole idea of this day practice, it seems like a nice place with their priorities straight. And I'll get to sleep at night. Imagine that, sleeping in the nighttime!

I'm amazed how many people seem to be sad that I'm leaving. I didn't even think i'd been there long enough to be noticed, but I've heard a lot of nice things from people I wouldn't even expect. Angela almost started crying last night saying she'd miss me, and I was just amazed.

Also, from Jen H., my former nemesis receptionist: "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually sad that I won't get to see you anymore!"

There are a lot of people there I'm genuinely going to miss, but the place just isn't right for me.
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