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it's a process

The order in which things happen after I walk in my front door:

High heels come off.
Nylons come off.
Earrings come off.
Necklace comes off.
Clingy floor-length skirt comes off.
Hair gets pulled back.
Push-up bra comes off.
Pajama pants go on.
I allow myself to finally be comfy.

This all takes about 45 seconds. Much quicker than the 45 minutes it all takes to put together.

Heather tried to talk me into retail therapy, but being in a precarious financial position, I managed to keep it confined to a pair of black-and-purple pants I found for $23 on a clearance rack. After walking around Lakewood Center with Heather, Adam, and baby Aasta for a few hours - in a pair of unbroken-in very high heels completely inappropriate for mall walking - we went back to Heather's house for cartoons and beer. (My) Sam showed up and hung out for a while, but we all called it a night fairly early.

I'm still a mess, but a little distraction helps a lot.
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