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the job and the dentist and the river

I did a full day at the new job yesterday - a "working interview", they called it - and despite the fact that I still feel that I don't know what I'm doing, the doctor and the office manager sat down with me at the end of the shift and asked me what I wanted to stay there.

I told them (again) and they gave it to me! amazing.

On the way home, I made one wrong turn, ended up on a highway with no place to turn around, and found myself in Beaumont. Even that couldn't bring my day down.

I did find that the downside to waking up at 0600 is that I'm ready to go to sleep at 2200 ... but it's a give and take. I'll have my weekends. I'll see the sun!

Today, along with the sun, I'll be seeing the dentist. Less fun - not fun at all, really - but a necessity. I like shiny teeth.

This weekend, I'm going to the river again. First the plan was for me to go, then my brother was coming along, and now my parents want to go. At least if my parents go, we can launch the boat and i won't have to pay for anything but gas to get there and back. But my partying will have to be confined to outside the house.

Poor me, only having the whole fucking desert to party in.

I don't like going alone (my whole family with me, and i still think I'm alone without michael) but i'm pretty sure that I can find ways to have some fun.
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