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an odd and beautiful day

I don't feel a need to describe the details of this day ... so i summarize ...

short sleep ... phone call ... drive to CM ... pick up michael ... drive by work to pick up paycheck ... see kittens at the hospital and refuse to take them home and bottlefeed them (i'm a sucker for kittens, but i just can't right now) ... get thumbs up from jamie ... smack jamie for being obnoxious ... drive to fullerton to go by hobbit sean's apartment ... no sean there ... watch kenny play matrix game for a while ... dinner ... go by my friend sam's house, since i was in the area and have neglected him ... borrowed 3 MST3K DVDs from Sam ... hung out for a while and played wih rats ... went back to Michaels and watched Blue ... talked ... talked ... talked and said many things of great importance, and my mind is at ease ... smoked ... talked ... drove home ... fed bird, cuddled cats, and dropped extremely hot bowl of oatmeal on my right foot.

and despite the burn on my foot, i am a joyously happy kasey.

Glamour Goth
Glamour Goth

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