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gimme some ideas

how should i spend my last week of vacay?

Advise me, people. I've got a week left. I'm doing all the stuff I should be doing - housekeeping, going to the gym, taking care of the animals. I'm not in as deep of a financial hole as I thought I would be - not commuting is saving me a ton. So what should I do with my last week of freedom?

I can't go back to the river, as I have a party to go to on Saturday. I'll be in OC Thursday and probably Friday as well.

I made the best salad tonight. Good enough to write about, mmm hmm.

Saturday, Lacie, Ben, and some of her friends picked me up off of the beach. This is what I do, since I don't have a boat. I get up and ready just a little bit earlier than everyone else, pack an ice chest, slap on the sunblock, grab a book, and sit on the beach near the launch ramp until someone comes by with a boat and says "hey, what are you doing? grab your stuff, we're headed upriver!" Hasn't failed me yet.

Hell, and even if it does someday, i'm still laying on the beach with a book and a full icechest.

Anyway, I'm on the water with Lacie and her associates, including her parents. There is some whispering between Lacie and her mother, and then they call me over.

"Do you have an age preference?" they ask.

"Huh?" i reply, as I am about seven beers in and have no idea what they're talking about.

"People you date." they say. "Do you have an age range?"

I think about it for a few moments. Dating as a whole is kind of a weird concept to me. "Well, I like them to be legal."

Laughs all around, and then they tell me that they want to set me up with a friend of the family ... loner, into racing, loves animals ... and is 37. "I'm up for whatever." I say, but we'll see how that goes. I guess I'd give it a shot, but I don't even know what I'd do with an older guy. I don't even know that I want to date anything right now. They probably won't follow up on it anyway.

And what else did I do this weekend? Besides drink and dance and party with a whole family of cute boys, anyway.

I got a ride in a few race boats, including a blown gas flatbottom that both scared the life out of me and made me want one. 120+ mph on the water is something else!

I got to know some friends better - Erin and I had great drunk conversation, and I think Elisse just laughed at us.

I got a speeding ticket on the way home. Fuckers.

I found out that my golf cart is pretty good for off-roading, and will in fact make it up the hill. With passengers.

I shaved Oberon again today. This time, I was smart enough to use a sedative. Hooray acepromazine. anyway, it doesn't look any better than usual, but it got done in twenty minutes and I didn't get bit. I'll call it a success. I don't know why I own a cat that needs to be shaved every two months, but whatever.
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