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who reads the ending first?

Thank you, everyone who wished me good luck at the new job. it's going well, so far. I'm getting pretty good at scraping dog teeth and remembering vaccine protocols. I've got to learn new ways of doing lots of things, but i'm getting there.

I couldn't sleep last night. so much on my mind. I can't sleep because I'm putting myself right in the path of a trainwreck, with the idea that it may be a hell of a lot of fun for a while. if that train even wrecks, per se. we'll see. I can't sleep because I like the job, but it's so different, and i feel like a novice at times. I can't sleep because I'm nervous that since I can't fall asleep, I'll oversleep. I can't sleep now, as tired as I am, because I'm pretty sure that phone will ring again soon.

*forty minute break for the phone that rang with frighteningly perfect timing*

yeah ... this is not going to end well, but fuck it.

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