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and they said day practice would be easy ...

I'm working my ass off eight hours a day, with little downtime at all. appointments, shots, surgeries, and paperwork galore ... it's almost kinda fun. They told me when I started that it might be slow compared to what I'm used to, but it's hardly slow.

Tonight, I need to stay in and clean some stuff, as my house is suffering just a bit of neglect. So tired, though. I had Wednesday off and did not spend any time cleaning, resting, or sleeping. I'm okay with a well-wasted day off, though. I'm not working this weekend, but I will be going to my parents house to work on the race car and get everything ready for Pomona. mmm ... racecar.

No buyer yet for the car, but I'll cry again the day they find one.

So what lies ahead ... one more day of work, and then I drive to OC tomorrow night and probably stay there, unless anything comes up that makes it worth driving back this way. certainly a possibilty.
Tags: family, races, work

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