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I drove to OC today, with two goals. 1) help with racecar and 2) give michael his stuff back.

project 1 was pretty straightforward. Mostly moving things into the trailer, lifting the heavy stuff to spare my dad's arthritis.

project 2 was much more uncomfortable ... I hated to make anyone uncomfortable, and i didn't want to make some big dramatic statement, but there isn't really any need to keep two days worth of clothes here, seeing as how we're broken up and he doesn't come up here anymore, and i happened to be in OC today which also doesn't happen very often .... there was talking, and i feel bad, but i also know i didn't do anything wrong.

So i'm sitting here at home now, eating peanut butter toast and waiting for Charles to finish up at the tattoo shop. tentative plan is to go see Elizabeth tonight, but who knows where things will end up.
Tags: family, love, races

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