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Inspired by these Santa Ana winds blowing plastic bags and pieces of trees past my window, I've decided to de-dust my living room. This leads to a pointless question: why is it that to remove dust(noun), i dust(verb)? and if i am dusting something with sugar, i am applying sugar, but if i am dusting my living room, i am removing dust? Stupid English.

This may be a futile process, but I'm trying to both clean and de-clutter. I know I'm a pack rat, and so many of these things need to go. I've got so much in here i can't find anything. I've finally got someone to tattoo my geisha, and of course I can't find the drawing i wanted to have placed. Oh well, though ... I've still got the original picture, and he can re-draw it for me. That, and my Where the Wild Things Are, and my two racing tattoos i want. I've just got to figure out where to put all of them.

I'm also trying to remove cat hair from the couches today. This is for sure a futile process.
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