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alright. lets see if i can do this.

Lets see if I don't let my occasionally massive insecurity get in the way of this one ... because i really, really want things to work out.

I left him alone in my house today while i went to work, and that is such a huge step for me ... not that I don't trust him; hell, this is someone I've shared a house with before. I just am so neurotic about so many things and my space is certainly one of them. After so much, "ok, if you need this it's here and there's a drugstore here and this is my work number but don't call me unless it's an absolute emergency ..." i got "Go to work! i'll be fine! stop worrying!"

so i smiled and took my stuff and went to work.

and thought all day i hope everything is okay at my house.

it was fine.

we went to dinner. I just got back. i should be in bed, but i'm up doing this. and stressing about my neurotic behaviour.
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