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Nasty habits, in reflection

Hanging around a non-drinking non-smoker had left me feeling like a chainsmoking alcoholic.

Not that I smoke that much - it's more of a nervous habit or a treat than an addiction - but having to smoke alone makes it less fun, and I've been looking for an incentive to stop. The other day, I finished off a pack and decided to not buy a new one. and that was it. it's been more than two days now. I don't get cravings, but I miss having my crutch.

As for the drinking ... well, I'm drunk less often. Somewhat. I'll consider working on that ... later.

And I don't know why I felt the need to prove this to myself again tonight, but KASEY HATES SCARY MOVIES. Thirty Days of Night isn't a movie for nervous types like me. But I chose the last two (slow paced historical dramas) and I agreed to give this one a shot.

I'll be having nightmares.

I'd almost tell him to ask for a refund, simply because I did not see most of the movie he paid for, my eyes usually hidden behind my hands or in a fold of sweater.

Have to be up in four hours. No fun.
Tags: fun, love, work

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