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So we went out first round, but was also ran the best speed we've ever gotten out of that car, and got it to run well and run well consistently.

I was crying behind my sunglasses while towing the car back, knowing that it was probably the last and best run I'd ever see from that car. my baby.

I've lived alone for five years now - exactly five years as of Halloween night. Am I really so ready to give that up? I could use the company, and the help around the house, and the financial help ... but I know that things are moving along quite fast, and I'm not quite sure what's going on in my head.

but then again, i'm never quite sure what's going on in my head.

and like we talked about, we've lived together before, this really wouldn't be anything new. Except for the sex, of course.

I've got to get up at 0600. Is hanging out at a tattoo shop until 2300 the best idea? Probably not, but i like it.
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