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This day didn't start so well. I walked out to my car and found my back left tire flat, a complication of a nail apparently picked up on the way home from Fontana last night.

So off to the local tire store I go. I'm usually fairly distrusting of any auto repair places, as most are staffed by sexist assholes. But the random tire place fixed my tire in 30 minutes for $20, and were really great to me on top of that. So it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

Work was fairly routine ... spay, neuter, dental, vaccinate. While doing an exam on a nine-year-old newly adopted dog, we found a severe bradycardia. HR of forty on an extremely excited Jack Russell Terrier. The kind of case I'd like to see a workup on, but not the kind of case that we do workups on in this quiet little day practice. So a referral is arranged, and I go on to the next annual exam.

After work, I go by the urgent care to have my knee looked at. I've got a sore spot that started looking like a bug bite a few days ago, and now is pretty angry, swollen, and painful. My doctor can't see me for a month(!), and fearing that my leg would fall off before then, I braved the local urgent care. Forms are filled out, and then I wait, and wait, and wait. Oh, and it's cash only after five pm for any new patients. I didn't need that $105 anyway. Just would have blown it on bills or something.

Eventually, a doctor (i think she was a doctor; no introduction and no nametag ... she did have a stethoscope, though) came in, touched my ouchie knee once, and said "looks like a staph infection!" She then proceeded to prescribe me more of the same meds and treatment that I've already been doing, so i felt validated. Another hour at the pharmacy, and i've got keflex and darvocet and a massive headache from dealing with all this.

but it's done and hopefully my leg won't fall off.

and then i came home and steph made me this awesome new icon. shiny!

and charles is coming over tomorrow. mmm hmm. it's going to be awesome.
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