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alpha male

"Do you always have to be the alpha male?" he asked.

"Yes," I say. "Yes I do."

I'm learning more about tattoo machines and inks and artists and techniques than I ever really thought I might need to know. But it never hurts to learn ...

I made a quick round of OC last night. First, meeting up with Michael at a corporate coffeeshop in Costa Mesa for an exchange of the last bits of relationship debris. A couple DVDs, housekey, old birthday presents, the scarf it took me a year and a half to knit. That sort of stuff. He got me a sweet shirt for my birthday.

Talking is awkward, though, when there's no present or future, just a past.

I went from there to Heather's for some shopping. It was fun, but i can only stand so much of the baby clothes section of Target. Aasta has reached the super-cute, cuddly stage. I carried her around Heather's house until I had to go.

Last stop in OC was my old work, SCVRG/IRAEH. They've moved into a new building, so I got the grand tour. It was really nice to see everyone again, and the new building is huge and really well designed. The drama is the same, from what I can tell, and I don't miss the place one bit.

Seeing people in OC was nice, but coming home to Charles was nicest in the end.
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