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oh baby

I hate baby showers. Just among my best friends, I've endured three weddings and two babies. Give it up already, people! I expect either Lacie or Heather to have a second baby shower before I ever even get a bridal shower. Is this my biological clock ticking, or just gift jealousy? Who knows.

My dad is in the hospital, having had surgery this morning for an infection in his leg. He's had more and more health problems lately, and it scares me.

Both of my computers are kaput. The laptop is off getting the screen fixed (amazing how little pressure it takes to shatter a laptop screen) and the big computer got a nasty bug and now doesn't even want to recognize me as administrator. Sooo ... anyone want to fix my computer? Typing on my little tiny phone keyboard is better than nothing, but it isn't so great.
Tags: family, friends

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