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is it all over yet?


yeah, i write not so much lately ... somewhere between tired and busy, the daily documentation falls by the wayside. Charles and I have fallen into routines already, where to park, what time to set the alarm clocks, once-weekly late-evening trips to the Winco. It's comfortable and nice, though it'll be nice after the holiday when we have more money and can go out a little more often.

The office xmas party was Friday, at the doctor's house. After seeing the doctor's house, I'm not going to tolerate many more words about how tight money is at the clinic. I was offered a piece of the swordfish steak a half-dozen times, and while i'm sure it was delicious, I am so over explaining my vegetarianism to that group of people.

It did smell delicious, though.

Family Christmas is tomorrow. Charles is coming with me - apparently my mom spread the word about him to all the relatives and they are all looking forward to meeting him. I don't know if he's looking forward to it quite so much, but i think it will go well.

For actual xmas, I'm driving out to the river. Since I cannot get out of working xmas eve, I'm driving down there for one day. But it's worth it. I'll be there with my bike, my family, and my boy ... even if just for a day, what else could i need?

Charles and I did most of our present-exchanging already, since he doesn't seem to have any patience for surprises either. I got him creepers, tattoo needles, and machine tools. He got me a pink Nintendo DS (love it!) and a gigantic hot pink Hello Kitty sticker for the back of my car (love it too!), and eventually he's going to do a foot tattoo we planned out. someday.

And we're broke why? ha.

alexvdl sent me an awesome glass from the sub he works on. I love that too.

So yeah, that's what's been going on.
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