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family xmas!

Flea likes broccoli. who would have thought it?

Family xmas was good. They all seem to like charles a lot. My aunt gave him a bottle of wine - i should have warned her that he doesn't drink, but it's a white wine and he might actually drink it. She gave me the usual cosmetics, some money, and a Target gift card, which i used on the way home to buy Mario Kart for my DS. This will keep me occupied for hours. I also got a trader joe's reusable bag and gift card (score), a victoria's secret gift card, and an odd looking tea set with chickens on it. I actually like it.

I'll see most of them again when I go out to the river for xmas day, but it's nice all getting together here for family day. Not to mention that we do it at my cousin's house in Riverside, so it's almost convenient.

Charles is in bed already, and i'm going soon ... it was a fun day, but a long one.
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