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tattoo me now, fucker!

I was all set to get tattooed tonight - balanced precariously on a bench, bare foot propped up, nintendo DS in hand. The design was done and stencil made. I waited, tremoring - no, quivering - with anticipation for the needle to hit the skin ...

... and then an actual paying customer walked in and my foot got postponed again.

fuck me.

oh well, all good things in time.

My first boyfriend (circa age 14-age 17) called me today. Apparently he has served all his required time and completed a 30 day rehab program. I just can't even tell you how proud i am. really.

Which brings the total up to:

3 boys that have been through rehab
2 that have spent time in mental health facilities
4 that have served significant jail time

I sure can pick 'em!
Tags: love, tattoo

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